Polyglot: Spoken Language Construction Kit

A solution to the complexity of developing spoken languages

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PolyGlot - Introduction

PolyGlot is a tool that is designed to help in the design, creation, and publication of constructed languages, or "conlangs." When I first got into language creation, I realized that there were no tools available that really met all of my needs. So I made one! Below, you'll find a list of its features, and if there's functionality you would like to see added, please feel free to request a new feature! PolyGlot is free and open source software that contains no advertising or other gross stuff. It is compatible with Windows, OSX, and Linux (Linux compatibility to be restored with v. 2.6). Please enjoy!


Future Development

I plan on continuing to develop and refine PolyGlot so long as there's a healthy conlanging community and people who seem to be enjoying the program. Please feel free to suggest changes/enhancements, request new features, or just drop me a line to show off what you've created with the tool!

Support or Contact

The author of this software can be reached at Draquemail@gmail.com. All content included in this page and in the PolyGlot program is copyright (©) 2012-2019 Draque Thompson unless otherwise noted.