PolyGlot: Spoken Language Construction Kit

A solution to the complexity of developing spoken languages

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PolyGlot - Introduction

PolyGlot is a tool that is designed to help in the design, creation, and publication of constructed languages, or "conlangs." When I first got into language creation, I realized that there were no tools available that really met all of my needs. So I made one! Below, you'll find a list of its features, and if there's functionality you would like to see added, please feel free to request a new feature! PolyGlot is free and open source software that contains no advertising or other gross stuff. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. Please enjoy!


Future Development

I plan on continuing to develop and refine PolyGlot so long as there's a healthy conlanging community and people who seem to be enjoying the program. Please feel free to suggest changes/enhancements, request new features, or just drop me a line to show off what you've created with the tool!

Support or Contact

The author of this software can be reached at Draquemail@gmail.com. All content included in this page and in the PolyGlot program is copyright (©) 2012-2022 Draque Thompson unless otherwise noted.